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B Type Flange
Model B (bushed) flanges are produced of the similar high-strength cast iron since the S flanges
B flanges are created to accommodate the industry normal bushing for uncomplicated set up and elimination
B flanges can be found in sizes six by 16
S-Flex couplings with B flanges (for use with bushings) are normally provided together with the two-piece E sleeve
The B style flanges can be utilised with any of your sleeves pictured on SF-5, using the exception on the Hytrel sleeve
B flanges might be utilized in blend with S Type flanges
Bushings have a split design and style that let for any compression match for secure mounting on the flange to the shaft without having set screws
The bushing’s clamp like match generates a one-piece assembly to eradicate wobble, vibration, and fretting corrosion
Slightly oversized or undersized shafts may be accommodated using the exact same secure grip
The design prevents probably hazardous key drift on applications topic to pulsation or vibration
B flanges are bored to accept a bushing accommodating lots of bore sizes, so reducing inventory and growing coupling versatility
Bushing bore availability can be located in latest record value books or from your Customer service Representative